Practical CAD drawing with the free nanoCAD software

A great FREE alternative to AutoCAD. Once you can draw with one of these professional CAD programs, it is easy to use others.

Course Summary

The best currently available FREE CAD software, nanoCAD has excellent stability and compatibility with other major CAD programs, with a user interface that will be immediately familiar to anyone used to AutoCAD. If you want to learn how to draw with CAD, this really is the best place to start!

Course Curriculum

Simon Rodway

Working as an illustrator and designer in architecture and publishing for more than 30 years has taught me a lot about drawing software.

  Brief CV: I have worked on a wide range of magazine titles in the UK, US and Europe and currently illustrate 2 UK based craft titles, Furniture and Cabinetmaking and Woodworking Crafts, providing plans and 3D drawings as well as articles for both. I have illustrated more than 50 books on a wide variety of craft subjects, and have written extensively in craft magazines on the use of computer drawing techniques in furniture making and joinery.

I have a degree in Architecture, and run LineMine, a website that focuses on design drawing techniques and software. 

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